A Most Violent Year

J.C. Chandor
Fiercely smart and refreshingly unpredictable writer-director .C.Chandor (…) stylish, sophisticated, simmering crime and character drama with shakespearean dimensions and bravura performances (…)
Angie Errigo / Empire
When “New York, New York” lyricist Fred Ebb wrote that immortal line, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere,” it’s doubtful he imagined the life-or-death stakes such sentiments take on in A Most Violent Year, an ’80s-era NYC crime drama in which just making it from one day to the next seems like a major accomplishment. In his third turn behind the camera, writer-director J.C. Chandor has delivered a tough, gritty, richly atmospheric thriller that lacks some of the formal razzle-dazzle of his solo seafaring epic, All Is Lost, but makes up for it with an impressively sustained low-boil tension and the skillful navigating of a complex plot (…) it does much to confirm Chandor as a formidable filmmaking talent, and star Oscar Isaac as one of the essential American actors of the moment.
Scott Foundas / Variety

USA 2014. Cinema Mondo
A Most Violent Year
Käsikirjoitus/Script: J.C. Chandor * Kuvaus/DOP: Bradford Young* Leikkaus/Editor: Ron Patane * Pääosissa/cast: Oscar Isaac, Jessica Chastain * Kopion lähde/DCP source: Cinema Mondo * Kieli/Language: English, Spanish, subtitles in Finnish & Swedish * Kesto/Duration: 124 min Ikäraja/Age limit: K-16
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