Mikael Marcimain
Opening around 1978 in Stockholm, the first scenes introduce the main dramatis personae through the eyes of narrator Klas (David Fukamachi Regnfors), a pretty if passive young man with literary ambitions. He is befriended by dashing Henry Morgan (David Dencik, best known outside of Sweden for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), a charismatic polymath who’s a boxer and a jazz pianist among many other things that only a character in novel would do all at once. Henry invites Klas to move in with him into Henry’s massive, family-owned apartment where they spend their nights carousing with Henry’s circle of eccentric friends, and their days – when not boxing, playing piano or writing – searching for buried treasure in a system of caverns beneath the building. Like you do.
Leslie Felperin / The Hollywood Reporter

Sweden 2014. SF Film
Käsikirjoitus/Script: Klas Östergren * Kuvaus/DOP: Jallo Faber * Leikkaus/Editor: Kristofer Nordin * Pääosissa/Cast: David Dencik, Sverrir Gudnason, David Fukamachi Regnfors, Ruth Vega Fernandez * Kopion lähde/DCP source: Wild Bunch * Kieli/Language: Swedish, subtitles in English * Kesto/Duration: 141 min * Ikäraja/Age limit: 12
SAT 28.3. AT 18:00 MAXIM 2
SUN 29.3. AT 20:45 MAXIM 2